Louisville, Kentucky
Twenty columns held up the canopy that spanned the front of Jefferson County, Kentucky's Thomas Jefferson High School.  Ironically, Thomas Jefferson High would see a short existence that touched a year for each column, 1962-1981.  But, as short as it was, TJ exemplified itself with academic achievement, athletic triumph and positive social interaction.
This print honors the memory of TJ and the hundreds of students who walked it's hallways.
The background of the picture is a close-up of the familiar slate fa├žade that was particular to the school's architecture.  The large "TJ" in the patriotic red, white and blue recalls the logo that emblazoned notebook covers to letterman jackets.
The image of the patriot on the left is loosely based on Crispus Attucks, the first patriot to die in the Revolution. 
The image of the patriot on the right is loosely based on George Rogers Clark, the military officer who founded Louisville.
The print size is 13"x19"

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 'Ever we'll remember the days we spent with you!
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